Concentration Camp Uyghur

A local Chinese asset has shot a 19 min 26 seconds video taking a detailed clear shot of 09 Uyghur concentration camps. In 2015- 2019, CPC destroyed happily populated Uyghur town of Yarkent City in Kashghar Prefecture (38°23’16.47″N 77°14’51.75″E) where old people were shot dead. The young women were forcefully married to PLA soldiers and young Uyghur men are being used as forced labor in the construction of PLA infrastructure in remote areas.

Concentration Camp for Uyghur  in Xingjiang and Aksu
Concentration Camp for Uyghur in Xingjiang and Aksu

This asset took the decision of exposing CPC’s human rights policy and bravely went to Xinjiang. Using the provided map of camps and detention facilities, he went to the locations marked in the western outskirts of Gobi dessert and North of Aksu province towards Kyrgyzstan border.

-Carbun Tracy

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