As per a report published by ‘Chinese Army Daily’ on 15 August 2022, the Chinese Communist Party has made the use of a smart-sensing & exploding bracelets mandatory for its soldiers. The bracelet will conduct collective surveillance and will prevent them from defecting to Indian army during the battle. CCP’s “Liberation Army Daily” has stated that private soldiers who participated in military exercises for the first time were nervous. The monitoring system installed in each firepower continuously records the facial information of officers and soldiers, judge the psychological state of officers and soldiers in real time through data feedback, and archive them.

The reason for this forced monitoring has been observed as the unwillingness of PLA soldiers to fight a battle specially against the Indian army. According to Jinsong Chen, a Chinese-American columnist and political commentator, the CCP’s generals and officers are all corrupt, and they sell their rank and title. In the early years, men and women in the countryside had a price to be a soldier. When they joined the party, they were promoted in army according to the bribe amount they could pay. Till date, majority of Chinese soldiers are the only children of their parents, hence, none of them want to fight. Therefore, the CCP has no confidence in these soldiers.

CCP had previously designed a system for soldiers to wear on the body which could be detonated by remote control to prevent soldiers from defecting or surrendering. The new bracelet plots the GPS location of a soldier on the map and detect troop location. If a soldier goes far away from other troops, the bracelet will begin its self destruction by exploding and killing the defected soldier to prevent enemy forces from obtaining any information.

After Galwan incident, the entire Sino-Indian border suddenly became silent, and the CCP finally realized that it could not handle India. The present surveys conducted in PLA have concluded that its soldiers are unreliable and can defect during actual battle. The new bracelet ensures that if a soldier has intention of defecting or surrendering, the officers of the political commissary in each battalion can remotely blow him into pieces.